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Course 1     A place mat for beginners

We always prepare many looms with the colorful warp threads for your experience. You can weave a place mat sized 20cm wide and 25cm long for an hour, using the materials(nuki) prepared by us.
Fee is 2,500 yen.
(Anybody can weave Sakiori, however, the loom is for an adult. So, under 10 years old cannot weave.)

Please reserve one week in advance for 3 or more people. Even for one person your reservation is preferable.


  1. Choose your favorite warp thread color.
  2. Choose your favorite torn strings, which were old kimonos or futons and are rolled into a ball. This is called “nuki”.
  3. Sit on the loom and your instructor will place a weaving belt around your waist and teach you how to weave gently and carefully.
  4. Your instructor will use only Japanese and body language. They are very friendly and are accustomed to foreign guests. So, please do not worry.
  5. Our staff will take your picture for your personalized Nanbu Sakiori completion certificate (in Japanese only).
  6. When you finish, your instructor will separate your work from the loom.
  7. Receive your work and certificate.

【certificate of experience】

*Group reservations are possible for up to 25 people. Please reserve one week in advance because we must arrange our instructors. Please let us know by e-mail of any changes to the number of people by noon on the day before.

Course 2   A Placemat Mat, Recycling Your Own Cotton Cloth

You can weave a place mat sized 20cm wide and 25cm long for about 75 minutes, using the materials(nuki) prepared by yourself.  You can recycle your own old favorite cloth. Cotton cloth is better for sakiori weaving.  Please wash and bring it without tearing.  When your materials are short, please use the ones prepared by us.    Fee is 2,500 yen.  please reserve this course 2 one week in advance.

Course 3

All day weaving for repeat visitors who want to weave more and more.

We will prepare a 30cm wide warp using your favorite color thread (one or two colors).

You can weave for as long as you like.  So, you can make something by yourself, or you can ask us to order your favorite item, for example slippers, bags and so on. Please reserve this course 3 two weeks in advance, specifying your favorite colors. Fee is 11,000 yen.